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"In the world with a ‘self’, it is ‘I’ who looks at the external objects, and therefore, everything is tinged with my colour; in the world without a ‘self’, it is one object that looks at other objects, 

and therefore, one no longer knows which is ‘I’ and which is ‘object’."     Jen Chien Tzu Hua, Wang Kuo-wei (1877-1927)


Winnie KS Hui is an ink artist born and educated in Hong Kong, whose works are influenced by the strong fusion of the Western and Chinese cultures there. Having been a long practitioner of philosophical conventions of Chinese brush painting, Winnie explores a way to bring her personal relationship to the traditional culture in a contemporary context. She gained her Master of Fine Art at RMIT University, Melbourne (2014).


Winnie’s paintings capture the mystery of the universe, its fragile beauty, made of suspension and perception of the fleeting moment.

Catalogs of Winnie's works can be requested from Asia Art Archive and Hong Kong Public Library.

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